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February Newsletter

Happy Leap Year!

First of all, Happy Birthday to any Leap Year babies out there. It seems so unfair that your birthday just does not exist most years so we're taking a moment to celebrate you! Everyone else, you get Valentine's Day, Family Day AND the Superbowl this month.... so you'll be ok ;)

Bonus Holiday

Can we just talk about how awesome it is that there is a long weekend in February now? Just. When. We. Need. It.  We hope you get to spend some quality time together this Family Day. Sounds like a great time to hunker down with some board games and hot chocolate but you do you. We'll be closed Feb 15th-17th and we'll be back in refreshed and ready to go on Tuesday.

More Availability Coming

If you've been looking ahead at the schedule you may have already noticed that Alyssa has expanded her hours to full time! She will still be working some evenings and Saturdays but will now be in the clinic for full days as well. This should help open up some availability to make it easier for you to book a time that works with your schedule.

We always welcome your feedback on our hours and remember that booking in advance helps increase your odds of getting exactly what you want. That's it for now. Short month...short newsletter :)

Have a lovely February!

All the best - Janet & Alyssa 

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