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One month later......

Hello and We Miss You!

It's been a month since we first sent out our closure notice. At the time we never would have dreamed we'd still be closed half way through April with no definitive end in site. Right now we're basing our timeline off the Declaration of Emergency (now set to May 12th) and we're really hoping to open our doors on May 13th but the truth is, we really have no idea.

Upcoming Appointments

We will continue to monitor appointments on a week by week basis and cancel as needed. If you have an upcoming appointment, please watch your email for updates and instructions on how to proceed.

Enough with the Serious Stuff 

In the meantime, let's have some fun. We're deciding on a new logo! We've narrowed it down to two and want your opinion. Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages to vote on your favourite. A poll will be posted in the next week so make sure you're following us to get your say! We can't wait to unveil the new look soon!

Thank you again to everyone still manning the front lines in all of our essential services. We hope everyone is hanging in there, staying safe and we look forward to seeing you all very soon!

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