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Janet (Wickes) Symons

Registered Massage Therapist, Owner

Janet graduated at the top of her class from the D'Arcy Lane Institute of Massage Therapy. There she gained valuable knowledge in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Treatments and Nutrition, as well as extensive hands on training. She earned the Academic Award of Excellence for her class and took part in a wide range of outreach opportunities to help build on her experience.

Janet has also completed additional training in Pregnancy Massage, through Trimesters, a leader in Pregnancy Massage Training in Canada. There she studied the anatomical and physiological changes that occur during each trimester and learned how to develop a safe and effective treatment plan for her clients in all stages of pregnancy. She has also completed training in Cupping therapy, as well as treatments for TMJ (jaw pain) disorders.

Having previously worked in manufacturing, Janet understands the demands that physical labour and shift work can put on your body. She is an advocate for proactive health care to help prevent injuries as well as managing the pain of those that do occur. Janet believes that staying active is an essential part of keeping healthy. She possesses a passion for running, competing in various events up to and including the full marathon distance. Because of this, she is familiar with the "pains" that sometimes come with the "gains", making her a great resource for those suffering with sport related injuries.

As a dedicated Registered Massage Therapist, Janet undergoes continuous education to stay up to date on skills and to keep informed on current health issues facing her community. She is committed to the lifelong health of each and every one of her clients.

Alyssa Besenyodi
Registered Massage Therapist

Alyssa's passion for helping others prompted her career as a Registered Massage Therapist. She has had extensive experience since graduating with an advanced diploma from Lambton College in 2011.

During her training to become an RMT she had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii and study at the Hawaii Institute of Anatomy where she furthered her in depth knowledge of the human body anatomy. 

Alyssa's approach has always been client centered focused, tailoring each massage to specific client needs and requests.  

Her training and experience includes integrating Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point style massage, myofascial and connective tissue release as well as working with various conditions including sports injuries, headaches, tendonitis and chronic conditions.

She has a passion for Massage Therapy and believes in staying current on new techniques and therapies through continuing education. She is always exploring ways to further help new and existing clients.

Katie-Head-Shot (1)_edited.jpg
Kaitlyn Rowland
Registered Massage Therapist

Kaitlyn developed an interest in sports, sports rehabilitation, and health that lead to a co-op position with Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic in 2008. During four years of working at a fitness club, she began her post – secondary studies in Massage Therapy.

Kaitlyn graduated in June 2015 from D’Arcy Lane Institute in London Ontario, and became a Registered Massage Therapist in November 2015 with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). She is a member of the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario (RMTAO) and stays up-to-date and involved in the field of Massage Therapy.

Her approach to Massage Therapy includes providing therapeutic and relaxation techniques in combination to treat and prevent injuries of the soft tissue and joints of the body.

She strives to listen to the individual needs of each client who comes to see her and provide them with personalized treatment in a professional and positive clinical atmosphere.

During treatment, Kaitlyn likes to use a number of different modalities such as myofascial release, deep tissue and Swedish massage, joint mobilization and hydrotherapy. She is also a firm believer in self-care and often sends clients home with suggestions for hydrotherapy, stretching and strengthening remedial exercises.

Stephanie Williams
Registered Massage Therapist

Stephanie graduated from Mohawk College in August of 2015, then obtained her registration with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario in October of 2016. Stephanie’s passion for her work stems from a childhood injury requiring years of rehabilitation therapy to manage the injury. Dealing with chronic pain has caused Stephanie to develop a passion for working with clients in similar situations. She has continued her education and grown her knowledge in working with clients experiencing many different conditions with a focus on pain management and maximizing functional abilities. 


In her free time, Stephanie loves to bake, take her dog (Bluefeather) for hikes and spend time with her cats (Greyfeather and Barefeather). In the evenings you can find Stephanie enjoying superhero movie nights with her husband. Stephanie loves to follow her passions and strives to continuously learn new techniques to better help her clients in their unique paths to recovery.


Stephanie’s passion for her work has driven her to take additional courses to better serve her clients. She has obtained certification in hot stone therapy, cold stone therapy, indie head massage, cupping massage, TMJ massage, prenatal massage and Kinesio tape. If you are curious about any of the above, Stephanie will be more than happy to answer any questions and help you decide what treatment and modalities would be most beneficial for your unique needs.

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