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August 2019 Newsletter

The Countdown is On!

Ok, don't panic, we still have 2 FULL WEEKS of summer to enjoy! And we all know that summer has it's way of creeping well into September, so we're probably safe for a while. (Quick.... someone knock on wood!)

Happening at Mend

Alyssa is settling in nicely and enjoying her evenings and Saturdays at the clinic. Janet will resume working some Saturdays beginning in September and those are available to book now. Those of you who are already thinking about getting back into routine and planning ahead, now is your chance to beat the end of the year rush. The online system is now open for bookings until about half way through December so get on there and book your fall appointments before things get crazy!

Tips for Summer Health

Since summer is still very much in full force, we thought we'd leave you with some tips to help beat the heat and stay on track with your health.

1. Workout in the morning. A morning workout routine will ramp your body full of endorphins to help jump-start the day. Avoid exercising outside from the hours of 10 am to 2 pm when the sun is directly overhead. Mid-day heat can kill your energy levels and can increase the risk of heat stroke or dehydration.

2. Stay hydrated.  The importance of drinking water should be a regular part of your day, but it is especially important during the summer months. (Check out the new hydration recipe blog on the website). Extreme temperatures cause our bodies to lose water faster. We should drink water even if we don't feel thirsty in the summer to prevent the risk of dehydration

3. Sun Protection, even if you're only outside a short time. Aging skin is an accumulation of years of sun damage. Your skin is at risk even when you're walking from your car to work. Whether that means sunscreen or shade for you, keep it in mind.

4. Shop at the farmer's market. Clean eating is so easy when you have access to local produce and summer is a great time of year to find an abundance of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Plus you'll be supporting the community!

5. Take advantage of the grill. BBQ's are a great way to get together and be outside. Grill any of your favourite foods for a delicious way to enjoy a healthy meal.

As always, thank you for your support. Enjoy the remainder of your summer!

Janet & Alyssa

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